Store & Gift Bags
Store & Gift Bags
Paper Bags
Whether you need simple twisted-handle shopping bags, grocery bags, paper merchandise bags, more intricately decorated custom twisted-handle bags, or even custom Euro tote bags, we have every color, print, and design you could possibly dream of! Our selection of more than 2,000 styles suits any occasion calling for gift bags, so don't just bring home the gifts; tote them with convenience and style! 
Gift Bags
Looking for quick and easy gift packaging? You can’t go wrong with gift bags and tissue paper. Choose from a large selection of euro totes, twist handle bags, fabric bags, and more. With several colors, patterns and sizes, you can find the right fit for your gift. Fabric bags work nicely for smaller gifts like jewelry, whereas euro totes and twist handle bags work well for clothing and bulkier items. Tie off your gift bag with colorful bow made of curling ribbon. 
Candy Bags
There are over 1000 different styles of candy bags. If you have a candy business or a catering business that uses candy as favors, you will find these different styles of candy bags useful. Most candy bags are transparent, but some are opaque. Our bags are especially popular at birthday parties or outdoor spring events. Easter is a common holiday when businesses order candy bags. 
Plastic Bags
Poly bags are popular primarily in the food services and catering industry. From our product line, you can order candy bags, bakery bags, popcorn bags, gourmet bags, restaurant take-out bags and wine bags. These bags improve the image of your business by improving presentation of food products. Customers appreciate when you pay attention to details and display a certain level of professionalism. If you have a small business or are considering starting a small business in the food services industry, Paper Mart is a good place to begin to find a variety poly bags. Poly bags can provide your business with an element of exclusivity or flair. Our bags are a small investment compared to the increase in sales you may receive if your customers value your presentation. Whether you own a bakery or popcorn stand, we sell poly bags to accommodate your needs. Paper Mart offers a vast selection of poly bags to ensure we provide everything you need. 
Plastic Handle Bags
Handle plastic bags and plastic merchandise bags come in a variety of bold, delicious, solid colors, and plastic tube handle bags also offer the fun of polka dots and leopard prints -- or, for extra shimmer and sparkle, check out our variety of frosted plastic bags. Sheer, clear, soft vinyl bags are the perfect elegant presentation for gifts like mix-and-match cosmetics, perfumes, and soaps; jumbo plastic Christmas gift bags will tote your wrapped gift boxes to and fro in spirited style. Cartoon character bags bring children's favorite friends to life. All of these styles come in a variety of sizes and shapes, from short and cute to tall and elegant, with more than 2,000 varieties of plastic bags from which to choose! These also make for a popular choice for retail bags.
Fabric Bags
Select from more than 2,000 styles of our sturdy and elegant eco-friendly fabric bags. Reusable handle bags come in an assortment of colors, from simple to bright, as well as so very many patterns and sizes. Many of them not only make great gift bags, but are also easy, fun ways to carry everything you might need to have with you during the day, from a change of shoes to workout clothes to lunch. Many styles can be folded into a small pouch for easy storage in your purse, backpack, or briefcase so that they're ready to use whenever you need them. Fabric bags and pouches are sheer and colorful, cinching together at the top with a shiny, color-coordinated ribbon for a sophisticated touch. Custom non-woven fabric bags come in many sizes and colors and sport a variety of your favorite logos. 
Plastic Shopping Bags
Paper Mart's assortment of bags can be used for a variety of purposes, including retail and grocery shopping. With the variety of styles offered, you can find a plastic shopping bag for a number of moods or occasions. For example, the Holiday Plastic T-Shirt bags and Jumbo Plastic Christmas Gift bags may be perfect for the holiday season. In other settings, Paper Mart's Frosted SOS Bag and Transparent Soft Loop Plastic might be more appropriate. There is no reason why plastic shopping bags can't be stylish, and Paper Mart's selection proves this. Nowhere else will you find such a great selection of quality plastic shopping bags. 
Retail Bags
The large selection of colors and styles make for a number of original bags for retail venues and allows for these to be used as retail bags for any number of industries including food, apparel, liquor, jewelry and holiday shopping in general.  Our customizable bags allow you to stand out in your customers’ minds by allowing you to create company branded retail bags.  There’s no currency like brand loyalty!
Paper Mart has more than 2,000 additional store & gift bags from which to choose. These include liquor & wine bags in a variety of materials, styles, and colors. Wine store owners can spruce up their wine offerings with wine bags. Wine bags are available in mesh, metallic and other durable materials. Our bags are perfect when giving wine as a gift, using as a shopping bag, or simply for embellished packaging. Brightly colored tab top tote box bags and Euro shopping bags come in many sizes and feature a variety of colors and prints. Ribbon handle bags come in sheer pastels and offer the pretty presentation of a tiny, dainty handbag. 

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