Color Boxes
Color Box packaging provides a canvas for your brand to tell your story in a way that’s as unique and compelling as your product. We understand your need for customization, and can quickly and cost effectively change the way your corrugated package appears on the shelf. We make it simple and affordable to have regional, seasonal or promotional graphics on the same case structure. We make your package work harder on the shelf, so you don’t have to.
We provide innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. But we are more than just a corrugated box. 
Traditional retail​ers are turning their stores into destinations that cater to specific segments by:
Demanding exclusive and/or localized merchandise that improves their customers’ shopping experience
Extending their brands through distinct, private label offerings 
Let Us Help You Delight Your Club Customer 
We are more than just a packaging manufacturer. We specialize in helping you create a voice in the marketplace. Color-Box packaging helps you tell your brand story vibrantly and impactfully - capturing more attention on the shelf.
We understand the complexity and volatility of the club channel, and we have the flexible capacity to handle small, quick-turnaround jobs as well as accommodate sudden demand spikes. We can help you make your customers happy with corrugated packaging that drives sales. 
We offer:
Consistent quality
Speed to market
Low up-front costs
Added flexibility and customization
Small minimum order quantities
Highest quality packaging that provides the best total value

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