In the age of the toilet occupied by a magazine, what kind of magazine is a good magazine? Gold Printing Print’s answer is simple “A suitable magazine”
More and more magazine is placed on the rest area, toilet, barber shops, hotels and so on. A variety of magazines are in front of our eyes, but often only a few magazines are remembered by people, But why? 
Because after finishing reading a lot of magazines ,people still did not what are purposes the magazines want to tell. Another situation is that information passed to the people which is not needed actually,So what is a good magazine? Gold Printing sums up following points
1. Excellent illustrated and accompanying essay  
2. Brief and to the point 
3. Directional delivery 
4. High academic recognition 
5. Timeliness 
6. Uniqueness 
7. Core standard 
8. Clear central idea
Printing house Gold Printing is specialising in short-run hight quality magazine offset printing (200 – 5000 cps). Having all printing equipment and technology in-house allows us to offer a competitive prices for all short run publications:
community Magazines
lifestyle Magazines
parish Magazines
newsletters and Internal Corporate Magazines
The optimal preferences for Your magazine printing
Printing: CMYK 1 + 1; 4+4
Quantity: 200 – 5000 cps
Paper Stock. The most popular paper stocks are:
gloss - the most of magazines today are printed on a glossy paper. Gloss papers are coated to give them a shiny appearance. Gloss papers are less opaque, have less bulk, and are less expensive than dull or matte papers.
silk - smooth surface paper that is less shinny. Silk coated paper falls between matte and glossy paper.
matte - a non-glossy, flat-looking paper. Even though cost of mate paper is a little bit bigger - it is a perfect way to give more elegant feel for your publication.
Paper Weight – magazines can be printed on either the same type of paper on the inside pages and the cover (inside pages and cover are printed on the same paper and called “self-cover”) or a different ones - thicker paper for cover and thinner for inside pages (often referred to as the body or guts).
Binding type: perfect-binding and saddle-stitched binding, spiral-binding.
We can offer various types of surface finishing which can improve the durability and visual interest of your magazine / product:
lamination: matt, gloss, soft-touch, scratch-proof, linen imitation;
press and dispersion varnishes: ranging from high matt to high gloss, also including soft-touch effects, etc.;
spot UV: gloss, matt and various structural effects;

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