Education Books
Books for schools, university and others.
Schools, universities and tertiary institutes all prepare and use a variety of books. We help them keep costs down and increase the quality ensuring they get represented in the best possible light.
Plastic comb binding is so 1990
With our modern digital printing workflow and finishing techniques you no longer need to use plastic comb binding. We have a unique saddle stitch binder than can bind upto 120 pages, saddle stitch binding is extremely cheap and very practical as the book still opens flat, it is also durable with no plastic that can be crushed or broken.
You can rely on our expertise as Book Printers and Book Designers to guarantee you a professional result.
Binding Types Explained
Most books for educational organisations are either saddle stitch bound or perfect bound.
Perfect Binding. Is great for higher value books where presentation is important, longer documents (upto approximately 800 pages) and text books. It is durable and a very easy document to read from. For example:
School Magazines
Conference Books
Text Books
Saddle Stitch Binding. A very pratical booklet, where low costs or usability is important great for writing in or to be left open (laid flat) to follow instructions whilst working on something else. For example:
Exam booklets
Course books
Wire Binding. Another lay flat option, more expensive than perfect binding or saddle stitch due to the cost of the metal wire. But a great option for traditional books such as:
Fundraising cook books/recipe books
School diaries

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