Art books
Art book is a tiny exhibition that can be visited and enjoyed over and over again. It can help showcase the best artworks to a wider audience. Gold Printing is known as a producer of quality art books and professional photo albums. All we know is that we love to print! No other media is capable of rendering artwork as precisely as high quality offset printing. Photo album printing is a complex process: it involves accurate reproduction of colours, paper coating for added value, selection of the appropriate paper type, binding method and decoration, along with other sophisticated tasks. Appropriate handling of these tasks is crucial, since a photo album is a silent legacy of the artist. Steps to achieve the highest quality of art books: Consulting. The project managers at Gold Printing printing house are fully aware of the quality requirements and their obligation to represent the artist, since an album is an artist’s business card. Our project managers, most of whom have a

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Children Books
Gold Printing will turn your vision into a gorgeous and sturdy book that parents will want to read to their children night after night. Let your imagination soar with bookstore-quality full-color picture books toddler books chapter books middle grade books or YA novels. By being your own children’s book publisher you retain complete creative control over your work so your vision can become a beautiful reality. Our publishing specialists are available via phone or email to help you choose which children’s book printing style is right for you. And with our brand new Print On Demand services you can choose to sell copies of your children’s book worldwide! Why choose Gold Printing to print your children’s book? To put it simply: We print the most beautiful children’s books in the world. We’ve printed thousands of picture books books for toddlers early readers and chapter books as well as novels for middle grade students and young adults. Every day we print and bind t

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Education Books
Books for schools, university and others. Schools, universities and tertiary institutes all prepare and use a variety of books. We help them keep costs down and increase the quality ensuring they get represented in the best possible light. Plastic comb binding is so 1990 With our modern digital printing workflow and finishing techniques you no longer need to use plastic comb binding. We have a unique saddle stitch binder than can bind upto 120 pages, saddle stitch binding is extremely cheap and very practical as the book still opens flat, it is also durable with no plastic that can be crushed or broken. You can rely on our expertise as Book Printers and Book Designers to guarantee you a professional result. Binding Types Explained Most books for educational organisations are either saddle stitch bound or perfect bound. Perfect Binding. Is great for higher value books where presentation is important, longer documents (upto approximately 800 pages) and text books. It is d

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The once daunting expensive task of publishing your book is now history. Self Publish china has simplified the process - it cant get any easier or more economical than what we offer with todays technology and our modern in-house trade processes. Many well known and popular authors have launched their successful careers self publishing at least one novel. It has to be the best way to getting your name out there as a published author. Your manuscript professionally designed and edited printed and bound in book format automatically assumes an air of respectability authenticity alongside mainstream published books. The following information is presented to you to understand the most economical way to produce your books without compromising quality. The following information is presented to you to understand the most economical way to produce your books without compromising quality. BOOK LAYOUT Our authors generally provide us their manuscript in 1 of 2 ways. The majority send us their

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Cooking Books
Turn your best family recipes into a bookstore-quality bookOur publishing specialists are available via phone or email to help you choose which cookbook printing style is right for your project. We also make it easy to order and make a cookbook onlineAnd with our brand new Print On Demand services you can choose to sell copies of your cookbook worldwide! Why trust Gold Printing to create your cookbook? As the leading cookbook printer Gold Printing has printed thousands of recipe books and cookbooks for families church fundraisers the professional marketplace and simply for personal enjoyment. Every day we print and bind beautiful softcover and hardcover cookbooks all printed in our china state-of-the-art printing facility.

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WHAT KIND OF MAGAZINE IS A GOOD MAGAZINE? In the age of the toilet occupied by a magazine what kind of magazine is a good magazine? Gold Printing Prints answer is simple A suitable magazine More and more magazine is placed on the rest area toilet barber shops hotels and so on. A variety of magazines are in front of our eyes but often only a few magazines are remembered by people But why? Because after finishing reading a lot of magazines people still did not what are purposes the magazines want to tell. Another situation is that information passed to the people which is not needed actuallySo what is a good magazine? Gold Printing sums up following points 1. Excellent illustrated and accompanying essay 2. Brief and to the point 3. Directional delivery 4. High academic recognition 5. Timeliness 6. Uniqueness 7. Core standard 8. Clear central idea

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Catalog Printing is the best solution when you have a wealth of information to share all at once. Booklet printing is great for product catalogs, event guides, or even to share your articles, artwork and short stories. When you print catalogs at Gold Printing, you can choose from a variety of stocks and sizes to get the look and feel thats right for your content. You can get as few as 8 pages for custom newsletters and printed programs; Or get as many as 36 pages for anything from business reports to magazine printing. Artists and other creative organizations will certainly appreciate the superior quality of full color offset printing on gloss or matte paper, included with all of our custom printed Catalogs. If you need to present your creative vision or promote your next product but dont need a multi-page product, try our Bi-Fold Brochures to make a big impact with a shorter message. WHAT KIND OF COMPANY CATALOGUE IS THE MOST EYE-CATCHING? Company product catalogue,just as its name im

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