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Gold Printing was founded in 1990, which was principally engaged in the business of Book Printing, Label Printing, Display Advertising Printing, Boxes Printing and so on. With rich experience in the field of printing, Gold Printing wins a high admiration and is widely trusted at home and abroad. Numbers of enterprises from America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa co-operate with Gold Printing as strategic partners for many years.

Gold Printing’s headquarters locates in town center of Luohu District. Our factory is situated in the industrial park of longhua district of Shenzhen, where have 300 employees totally and covers an area of 8000 square meters. The effective facilities in Gold Printing include Four-color Heidelberg (Germany) Press, Two-color Heidelberg (Germany) Press, High-speed Color Dragon(Japanese)LS440A Press, and all that sort of equipments. Apart from these equipments, automatic typesetting machine, CTP output system, Martini Plastic Machine and Martini bookbinder can obtains general customers’ requirements.

Gold Printing is committed to providing customers with high quality products and customized services, mainly the following solutions are: hardcover-book printing, magazine printing, brochure printing, miniature book, handbag, non-fiction book etc. The company goal of Gold Printing is: provide a long-term & stable sourcing platform to our win-win partners!Gold Printing continues to help customers to solve their problems, meet challenges, seize opportunities, maintain sustainable development, make dreams come true!.

Company History

1995, 3-person team worked for pre-press file output as a company establishment.
2000,builded up a 7-person solution team of the pre-press color-management with CTP,CDP and so on.
September 19th, 2005, a  40-person team committed to the whole process of the completed color-management, printing, binding and processing business. 
2008, the headquarters moved to PengJi ShangWuShiKong Mansion,#3 BaGua Road,LuoHu District. The team members from 40 to 120, and also installed CRM system in officeto be a production, processing, solution as one of the company. 
2009,created in Printing Union of Color-management with 60 associated members who joined in.  
2010, participated in the International Competition of Printing and Binding and gained the Third-winner in contest.
2011 to 2014 (three consecutive years), won Oscar Awards of the International Printing & Package.
2014, obtained ISO certificate for company management.

Why choose Gold Printing

Why choose Gold Printing?  The Advantages of Gold Printing:
1)  Credit System
   Alibaba Trade Assurance 
 2) Service Process
 3) Quality Control
 EPSON 9800
5) Binding Technique
a. Saddle Stitching
b. Flat Stitch
c. Section Sewn 
d. Glue Adhesive
e. Sewing Adhesive Set
f. Ancient Line
g. Ring Binding
h. Round Back
6)Competitive Price
Discount 20% OFF

Printing History in China

About Printing
Printing is a process for reproducing text and images, typically with ink on paper using a printing press. It is often carried out as a large-scale industrial process, and is an essential part of publishing and transaction printing. The earliest form of printing was woodblock printing, with existing examples from China dating to before 220 A.D. and Egypt to the fourth century. Later developments in printing include the movable type, first developed by Bi Sheng in China, and the printing press, a more efficient printing process for western languages with their more limited alphabets, developed by Johannes Gutenberg in the fifteenth century.
Print is one of the four important inventions in ancient Chinese history, it is widely used since its invention. It is ascertained Chinese woodblock print invented at least in the period between late Sui Dynasty (589 AD - 618 AD) and early Tang Dynasty (618 AD - 906 AD). 

According to the ancient documents, the first woodblock printing book in China is Nv Ze (Females Regulation), which records the regulation for all the Females in Tang Dynasty royal palace, but this book has not been handed down, only exists in documents. 

In 645 AD, When Tang Xuan Zang , the famous Tang Dynasty Buddhist Monk, bringing Sutras from Sindhu (now the country is called India) back to Chang An, the capital of Tang Dynasty, he used to print huge amount of Buddha Pu Xian images in rice paper. 

The oldest book made of woodblocks known so far with the exactly date, is the Diamond Sutra from Dunhuang - dated to 15 th April the 9 th year of Xian Tong whi ch is 868 AD. Judging from the skills and techniques of the Sutra , this Diamond Sutra is the highly development level of woodblock print apparently, and the woodblock must had been developed for at least 200 years before 868 AD. In 1907 Diamond Stra was stolen by Marc Aurel Stein (1862—1943), it is now in the British Museum collection

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